Digital Media

What began in 2006 with the first studio at our Taufkirchen branch office has now become a business division in its own right. Since June 2019 our in-house studios in Munich, Dresden and Hamburg have consolidated their wealth of expertise in the fields of motion design and interactive solutions under the umbrella of Neumann&Müller's digital media brand. Our interdisciplinary team aspires to convey its content to your audience with maximum impact. Whether you require motion design or interactive real-time applications, we look forward to receiving exciting projects and are eager to implement them in partnership with our clients.

Ideas are tested and given the seal of approval in our MediaLab in Taufkirchen. This is a huge digital playground that primarily serves our customers as a source of inspiration and gives first-hand experience of our portfolio.  We become immersed in the creative world of digital media production and show just what is possible.  In this way, we create customized content as early as the conceptual design phase and ensure unique experiences. 

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Our portfolio at a glance:

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