Venue Services

Services for renters of locations

If N&M is the technical services provider at the location where you plan to hold your event, you know that you can sit back and relax. N&M has detailed knowledge of the location, the room acoustics, the suspension points, the power supply and all of the other technical features. We know what is possible and will guide you to the very limits of what is feasible in order to achieve the best possible technical realisation of your ideas. We will ensure the fast and targeted realisation of your event. It is hard to imagine a more efficient and stress-free solution. Always with proven N&M quality in terms of equipment and personnel.

Services for operators of locations

With N&M Venue Services, you profit from the long years of experience and extensive know-how of the service provider with arguably the highest standard of technology in the sector. We will cooperate with you closely to ensure all-round support for your event location,

  • from the customized design and development of your unique location
  • and innovative and cost-conscious realisation of the technology
  • through to ensuring the smooth running of live events at your venue.

You can rely on 100% quality from N&M: A permanent team relieves you of all of the tasks involved in controlling, repairing and maintaining the building's own technical systems as well as the equipment specifically used for staging events. This work includes planning any necessary action as well as carrying out and documenting statutory periodic maintenance. Upon request, we also provide qualified personnel to manage the technical side of our clients' events.

N&M takes care of all-round planning for your location and minimises the costs of logistics and personnel. Events are managed quickly and competently with the result that set-up and dismantling times are reduced, and so that you can utilise your venue effectively.

Clients who engage N&M have a partner on board who thinks of everything and is able to master every technical challenge: from contact with the building authorities and other regulatory bodies through to the creation of seating plans in accordance with regional venue ordinances and drawing up escape and rescue plans.

And that's not all: N&M's extensive network - for example clients from industry, business, culture and sport who already use our services - could also be a further benefit for your location.

And last but definitely not least: your clients will appreciate it!