Light is art – plus technology

Light, correctly used, can make an enormous difference. It focuses the attention, accentuates selected features and conveys emotions at the same time.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in professional lighting design to give your event, product or building the setting it deserves.

We will be pleased to advise you and provide the appropriate equipment:

  • Latest generation Moving-lights
  • Spot and flood lights for all applications - from TV shows to product presentations. Tungsten or daylight, neon light or LED, follow spots, Fresnels, Profilers or PAR spotlights
  • Special architectural lighting systems for presenting buildings in an advantageous light, naturally including detailed consultation, investigation of the physical possibilities and compliance with legal requirements
  • Professional lighting desks and dimmer systems for trouble free control of your lighting design
  • Truss systems (inspected by the German Technical Inspectorate TÜV) for safe suspension of lighting
  • All the accessories, from chain hoists and cable protectors to stands and clamps

And if required, we will plan and organize your whole power supply, including the generators.

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