AVIEA - Strengthening of the Sector and Cooperation on a Global Level

Cooperation, exchange of information, pioneer for new ideas – these are attributes of the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association™ or AVIXA in short. Since its foundation in 1939 AVIXA has matured into one of the most important professional associations of the audio-visual industry. By now the association has more than 11,000 individual and corporate members from over 80 countries and is the organiser of the InfoComm trade fairs. Moreover, AVIXA is a leading resource for training, further education, market surveys, certifications and audio-visual knowledge.
N&M has been a member of AVIXA since July 2019. We want to utilise the membership to exchange experiences and extend our expertise with universities and their lecturers. Additionally, we take advantage of the option to attend and participate in important fairs, to also meet and exchange opinions and knowledge with experts and young professionals from the AV sector.