We give our employees space so that personality and creativity can flourish

Admittedly, technology plays a major role in our sector. But certainly not the only role. It is always people with creative solutions and surprising ideas who come up with new event productions and excite our customers.

That is why our enterprise gives talented young people an opportunity to develop and allows seasoned professionals to realise their full potential. This can only be done in a spirit of partnership that achieves a good balance between passion, enthusiasm and the desire to always deliver the best possible result.

We are successful as a team because we can depend on one another. But we also give our staff sufficient freedom in order to encourage self-reliance and creativity. From the very first day, N&M employees assume responsibility, make decisions and contribute to our high-class productions. That is the basis of our collaboration - and the foundation on which our success is built.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a young person interested in the diverse range of training opportunities and internships we have to offer, you can apply for vacancies online via our job exchange. Click the links on this page to find out more about working and training at our company.

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