N&M Celebrates 15 Years in the UAE


This year, Neumann&Müller Event Technology is celebrating 15 years of business in the Middle East, with its sight set on increased success in the UAE and the region in the future.

Cooperation with Social-Bee to integrate refugees in the company


Social-Bee is a start-up that sees itself as Germany's first provider of integration services. Its goal is to facilitate the integration of refugees in companies by means of simple, professional employee leasing. N&M has cooperated with the non-profit organisation since 2018 – and is extremely satisfied with the first, successful collaboration.

N&M opens first permanent remote hub for simultaneous interpreting


"Remote Simultaneous Interpreting" (RSI) is a service package provided by Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik for efficient simultaneous interpreting at international conferences and events. Interpreters work in a remote hub without having to be present at the conference location itself. N&M has now opened the first permanent facility of this kind in Neuhausen near Stuttgart.

N&M shows its commitment at the successful premiere of the Greentech Festival in Berlin


Impressive premiere for the Greentech Festival: from Thursday to Saturday, over 1,000 conference-goers were at the site in Tempelhof and were fascinated by sustainable technologies and innovations during the congress, award ceremony and accompanying exhibition. N&M was one of the festival sponsors and showed what is currently technically possible in terms of "green rationale".

N&M Creates Separate Market Presence for Three Business Units


The N&M units System Integration, Digital Media, and Information and Communications Technology are each to be given a separate market presence in order to sharpen their focus. The Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik sub-brands clearly indicate that they belong to the company's umbrella brand and that they are therefore backed by many years of know-how, service awareness and high-quality implementation.