Christoph Rupieper to become additional managing director


Along with the other company directors Stephan Hartmann and Alex Ostermaier, the 34-year-old will represent the company to the outside world. Jürgen Neumann and Eberhard Müller to end their active involvement in the company.

Christoph Rupieper has been appointed Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik's third managing director. The appointment was decided at the company's shareholders' meeting in April. The 34-year-old will represent IT and Operations Management. He has been at N&M since 2009 and has played a major role in steering and advancing IT development in the last few years. The digitalisation of business processes and their linking to the company's other activities are essential for the future development of N&M.

Combined with Logistics & Scheduling and Project Management, this remit has been restructured in the executive management to meet these new challenges. The N&M shareholders took the departure of founders Jürgen Neumann and Eberhard Müller - who founded the company 37 years ago and are now ending their active period at N&M - as an opportunity to restructure responsibilities for certain fields of activity. Together with the other managing directors Stephan Hartmann and Alex Ostermaier, Christoph Rupieper will represent the company to the outside world.