Digital Live Events - N&M's Comprehensive Solution to Virtual Events


In light of the current situation and with all events happening virtually, Neumann&Müller Event Technologyresponded with the launch of their Digital Live Events Portfolio, providing a comprehensive solution to virtual events.

“Special situations call for special solutions,” says Jens Giessler, General Manager and Senior Partner of N&M. “We design technical solutions tailored to our clients' individual needs: these could be a broadcast from the client's own conference room, a congress centre or even in different venues; different formats such as a presentation stream or bi-directional transmission are also available.”  

N&M‘s customised streaming solutions enable participants to experience the occasion live despite current restrictions. Below are the ways on how to experience them:

  1. One-to-Many
    This streaming enables many individual users to watch a stream. This solution is ideal in the business field, for example for working from home. ​
  2. Remote-Meeting
    This solution provides bidirectional communication in addition to audio and visual streaming. Ideal for meetings with several participants in one location, e.g. in a conference room. ​
  3. Event-to-Event
    Simultaneous bidirectional audio, video and data communication possible between multiple events. This is ideal for parallel events at different locations linking them up to allow interaction to make up one big event.


The stability, high level of security and performance of the IT infrastructure are secured by our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) unit. The dedicated team of technicians who are remotely based in their Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Hanover monitor the process and if needed, are available for support seven-days-a-week to ensure trouble-free operation.

“We are your perfect partner for such prompt responses because we have a wide range of solutions that enable organisers to act quickly in a reliable and professional manner and in a quality that their clients need,” added Jens.  


Added value to the live streaming

N&M offers various services to add value to the live streaming options:

  • come2interact (c2i) 
    This software application – created by N&M –allows the audience to participate. They can ask questions, vote, give feedback and brainstorm online through the user interface, giving the audience a chance to interact and not just watch the event as it is happening.
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) 
    This offers a multilingual solution if the event requires simultaneous interpreting. It is ideal for congresses or events held in multiple locations. The interpreter, who is either commissioned by the client or by N&M from a professional association, use their RSI hub in Stuttgart.  This hub provides an excellent working condition because of the generously dimensioned and ergonomically designed booths and equipped with the latest simultaneous technology and expert technical support. This RSI solution is not bound to a specific platform. That means transmission to and from the event takes place using the in-house, highly professional solution with end-to-end control of a dedicated server structure that enables reception via UHF or infrared. Cloud links for personal mobile devices (BYOD) can also be used. Furthermore, it can also be integrated into client meeting platforms – for 100% virtual meetings, for example.
  • Live-AR 
    Integrating augmented reality adds dimension into the digital live events. Complex content receives maximum attention thanks to spatial visualisation combined with a live camera image.


Mercedes Benz press conference – example of transforming a live event into a streaming solution at short notice

In March, Mercedes Benz promptly moved its press conference to mark the Geneva Motor Show to studios in Stuttgart, enabling journalists to watch the presentation in the form of a live stream. N&M provided the audio for the conference and the video playout at the venue.


The team at N&M is ready to answer all queries as to how to implement these new types of events. Email them at dubai(at) for more info.