N&M appoints new AV specialists to enhance client experience


Neumann&Müller Event Technology welcomes three new global AV specialists to offer enhanced customer service and accelerate regional client requests

In line with its strategy to strengthen the N&M Dubai workforce, enhance customer service, and accelerate regional client requests, Neumann&Müller Event Technology has appointed three new AV specialists.

“Since 1981, our valued clients have trusted us to help bring their events’ technology to life,” Jens Giessler, general manager of N&M Dubai & senior business partner of the group, says. “To enhance their experience and offer exceptional service and even faster request turnaround, we’ve expanded our Dubai team by appointing three AV specialists with a considerable 37 years combined international experience.”

Sven Schuster, a German video specialist appointed as a senior project manager this month, brings international AV experience to N&M Dubai, having worked on some of the world’s most interesting events. “Events for the Homag Group were pretty special to me because the client gave us creative freedom and allowed us to showcase new and innovative presentation methods, like showcasing live content on cameras overlaid with pre-produced content,” Sven says. “The Dubai International Motor Show 2017 and the New Delhi Auto Expo 2018 were memorable too. I’ve been very fortunate to do great jobs from Spain to France, Italy to Portugal, and more.”

Commenting on standing out in the event technology industry, Sven says, “it’s not so much about the devices or technology we’re using – other companies can use them too – it’s about how to use that technology to make our clients happy. At N&M, we have set high standards, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of creativity. We really understand how to deliver on our clients´ needs.”

Matangi Sumbél, a passionate German audio specialist who started as an apprentice at N&M before being appointed as a technical project manager in July, says his interest in sound started early. “I’ve known since I was five years old that I wanted to work with audio, or with what we call ‘knobs and faders’ in the industry.”

Talking about when he first officially got into event technology, Matangi says it all started with lousy sound at school concerts. “At high school, there was a band that had terrible sound quality because they mixed themselves and then started playing on stage. I asked them if I could help them – even though I had no idea what I was doing – and my interest expanded from there, leading me to study sound engineering.”

On the topic of studying, Matangi says “we do need more qualified people in this business, especially those with keen understanding of the complex health and safety aspects of the industry. One of the things that drew me to N&M was the respectful way it treats both its employees and clients, as well as its pioneering and safe approach to making extraordinary events happen.”

Adrian Tudela, who joined the N&M team in February as a technical project manager, started his career in Spain “as an in-house theatre technician 15 years ago,” he says. “After that, I joined local crews doing outdoor live events, and my life became about trucks and touring.” After qualifying as an event technology professional in 2009, “I went straight into corporate events and worked for big clients who organised events like the FIFA Club World Cup 2018 and the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, both in the UAE. I’m really excited to work on many more incredible events in future.”

Looking ahead, Jens says “N&M looks forward to contributing to many more cutting-edge events for regional and international clients, with our expanding professional team ready to offer exceptional service and quality even faster than before.”