N&M showcases cutting-edge AV solutions at its “come2meet” event in Dubai


New ways to use Augmented Reality (AR), interactive Digital Media (DM), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), System Integration (SI), and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) all played a starring role at the event.

As part of its efforts to inspire customers and offer personalised service, Neumann&Müller Event Technology (N&M) recently hosted its first ‘come2meet’ event at its warehouse in Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai. 

The upbeat and inspirational gathering boasted the same state-of-the-art AV technology that the event technology company utilises for its clients’ world-class events. Showcasing its newly-launched divisions – namely System Integration, Digital Media, and Information and Communications Technology – the company featured an Augmented Reality demonstration and interactive digital media, ICT and SI presentations, entertaining a captive audience made up of professionals from across the industry.

Senior project manager, Sven Schuster admits that N&M’s “full-service, turnkey audio-visual solutions – which help our partners create world-class content and bring their concepts to life – definitely offered us an edge in delivering such a successful event.” 

Transforming its warehouse into an inspirational and interactive activation space, N&M used RFID concepts to welcome guests, with visitors’ names projected onto a purpose-built welcome wall suspended in the middle of the warehouse. 

“This gave guests a small taste of the incredible creative work being done at our MediaLab in Taufkirchen, Germany,” Sven says. “N&M’s cutting-edge, interactive MediaLab is where we practically demonstrate the links between various sensors – think RFID, QR codes, radarTouch, Kinect, infrared cameras, touch-screens and database links – and invite people to immerse themselves in interactive and dynamic digital worlds. By connecting immersive projections with interactive elements and multi-channel sound installations, we can showcase several interactive options and potential new experiences to personalise events, congresses, trade fairs, permanent installations and exhibitions.”

While N&M received plenty of interest about the use of RFID and AR during the event – with the company’s head of media production, Klaus Ostermayer, flying into Dubai to do live AR and digital media demonstrations – Sven was quick to point out that “while these technologies are not new by any means, the creative ways in which we are using them are”.

General manager, Jens Gießler adds that “guests were also really impressed with our new RSI service, which we showcased officially for the first time at the event. This incredible method allowed our head of development of the technical department, Florian Nürnberger to live-stream his ICT presentation in German from Hanover. Our RSI facility simultaneously translated his presentation into English via our remote hub in Stuttgart, before transmitting it back to Dubai – almost 5,000 km away – through high-performance IT networks. RSI represents a big step in the development of congresses and conferences, with interpreters no longer needing to be present at the actual event location. Their connection to the ‘spoken word’ is the data line linking their workplace to the venue and the speaker's microphone via an ‘interpreter hub’. With this solution, event organisers increase their flexibility as well as the scalability of their service, regardless of the language, location, duration or size of the event. RSI is definitely one of our most cutting-edge offerings.” 

N&M hopes to host events like this regularly, inviting partners and customers to network and interact with the company’s most innovative offerings and ideas. 

“We work with such incredible audio-visual technologies, and we want to show our clients the amazing things they could be doing to take their events to the next level,” Jens says.


To register your interest in one of N&M’s upcoming events, or to enquire about how the company can support you in delivering one of your own events, email cynthia.villanueva(at)neumannmueller.com.