N&M on EXPO 2020 Dubai and Beyond


Neumann&Müller Event Technology, one of the leading event technology service providers, is strengthening its presence in semi-permanent and permanent AVL system integration aiming towards EXPO 2020 Dubai and other international installation projects - the topic of discussion at the Middle East Special Event & Exhibition Show this year.

Recertification according to industry standards by DPVT


The independent German Inspection Company for Entertainment Technology (Deutsche Prüfstelle für Veranstaltungstechnik, DPVT) has once again confirmed that N&M meets all quality and safety standards. The DPVT seal provides clients with solid assurances - and the company is motivated to pursue continuous internal improvement.

Implementation of Five Technical Projects for EXPO in Kazakhstan


N&M was commissioned with the technical implementation of the "Astana Sphere", the German and Austrian pavilions as well as those for "Energy Best Practice" and Shell. An international team made sure that the best possible result was achieved despite some difficult circumstances on site.

"Welcome Voices" creative project brings young Germans and refugees together


At the beginning of the year over 100 young Germans and refugees started work on an integration project centred on the staging of a musical. During the course of the project, they not only learnt a lot about their own abilities but also learnt from each other. They then took to the stage together in Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig - supported by N&M apprentices who contributed their know-how in the fields of lighting and audio.

Implementation of Media Technology in German EXPO Pavilion in Kazakhstan


The German pavilion in Astana, the Kazakh capital, was dedicated to "Future Energy", the main theme of this year's EXPO. The insglück agency commissioned N&M to implement the media technology for the presentation concept. An international project team came up with a result that made a great impression on visitors to the pavilion.