Virtual reality solutions in customer communication

Virtual reality opens up a 360-degree view in B2B and B2C communication - for up-front visualisations of trade fair stands, architectural concepts, corporate events or 3D product presentations.

Virtual reality creates digital experiences - and a lasting, emotional effect. Clients are able to gain a faster impression of ideas for corporate events; new products are easier to grasp; spaces can be experienced in 3D and with a 360-degree perspective. VR technology enables us to immerse ourselves in a virtual world in real-time wherever we happen to be: sales staff experience a training session on product specifications in a brand new way; draft designs or spatial concepts are made more tangible to customers and their suppliers.

The VR specialists at the N&M studios in Munich and Dresden provide consulting in the use of these innovative technologies, analyse possible usage scenarios and create corresponding applications. N&M supports its customers in the creation of individual VR solutions from the conceptual development right through to technical realisation.


Photos: N&M and Sylvia Koch