IT infrastructures for fast data networks

Today's events place extreme demands on IT infrastructure. We create networks of all sizes with the aim of extending existing systems to fit in precisely with our clients' needs or in order to set up complete, high-performance temporary structures.

At fairs, congresses and events, we ensure fast availability of data via our wide-area W-LANs or our voucher-access hotspots. We use copper or fibre optic cables to create high-capacity networks that enable real-time video and audio transmission - including reliable server solutions. We use ultra-modern IT hardware - be it workstations or touchscreens and tablets for interactive applications - to equip exhibition spaces, conferences and press centres as well as to control sophisticated media technology systems.

We have two in-house studios where we develop software applications and innovative IT solutions - for example come2interact for active integration of the audience. And come2present for managing presentations during congresses - personalised for each guest. In our clients' corporate designs.

Event IT Highlights