N&M Launches a New Sub-brand with "Neumann&Müller venue services"


On 1st September N&M presents a new business segment with its own market presence – "Neumann&Müller venue services" focuses on consulting, customised concepts and the design and development of locations and their events – The sub-brand is being introduced to highlight the segment's sharpened profile and facilitate the perfect presentation of the service portfolio.

With its service portfolio for event locations, conference centres, corporate venues, theatres and museums, Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik already serves 26 venues throughout Germany, plus five trade fair locations and two congress centres: a constantly growing market in which the N&M business segment is set to present itself with a separate market presence. On 1st September, the company launch a new sub-brand by the name of "Neumann&Müller venue services".

N&M's Venue Services cover technical consulting, design and planning for locations as well as ensuring that live events run smoothly. Focal issues here are the installation of N&M's own equipment and the deployment of experienced, specialised technicians on the ground. This takes the weight off venue managers' shoulders in a lot of different ways: from a technical point of view, they benefit from a premium pool of equipment that is always available to the locations and is continuously supplemented by new hardware. At the same time, the service provider ensures regular maintenance for audio, lighting and video systems, thus minimising the risk of equipment failure. The strain on the venue operator's human resources is eased when N&M technicians are on site: they use their many years of know-how and practical experience to optimise processes in both the preparation and realisation phase, thus contributing to a higher level of effectiveness in operational procedures and improved utilisation of existing capacity. A fixed crew knows the venue in detail, which means shorter set-up and dismantling times as well as exact timing in their collaboration with other services. Such well-thought-out procedures – organised by a single source – also reduce the wear and tear on the fabric of the building. If the location is rented out and special wishes are expressed that call for customisation of the equipment to realise special event creations, the venue operator will benefit from one of the largest pools of equipment – held by N&M in Germany – and the resulting synergies.

With its new "Neumann&Müller venue services" sub-brand, the company wants to carve out more opportunities in this constantly growing business segment while also expanding its corresponding range of products and services. "Thanks to our long years of know-how and quality standards, we are in a position to tailor our services for venues to the precise, individual needs of each and every customer, which gives us a solid basis for offering long-term, successful partnerships," says Corinna Di Pietro, the head of Venue Services. Her team also advises location operators and their clients on ways of integrating new technologies, whether in the venue itself – for example by implementing AV solutions (System Integration) or high-performance, secure networks (Information and Communications Technology) – or for customer events. In light of the rethinking of event formats made necessary by the corona pandemic, Digital Live Events have emerged as quickly realisable, in some cases hybrid communications formats, which even work across national and language boundaries thanks to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solutions. If you would like more information on Venue Services, you can contact Corinna Di Pietro at N&M's Munich branch office by phone on (089) 500361-720 and by e-mail at Corinna.DiPietro@neumannmueller.com.