Mercedes-Benz Fair Stand – International Motor Show/Geneva, Switzerland

Client: Daimler AG
Commissioned by: Daimler AG
Date: 3rd to 13th March 2016
Location: Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland
Services:Lighting, Audio, Rigging
Project Manager: Martin Würfele and Bastian Brock
Branch Office:Stuttgart
Special Features:
  • short initial construction phase
  • 14 trailers of material in use
  • installation of equipment directly under the roof of the hall, where we had to ensure a constant change of air due to the build-up of heat

Visitors to the 86th International Motor Show in Geneva experienced the "Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection" in the fascinating "Silver Flow" atmosphere. A dynamically shaped, free-floating, large-scale sculpture made of silver slats created the perfect setting for the new models. Seemingly weightless, the installation hovered over the 3000 or so square metres of the fair stand and combined with the central media space to form the stage area for the vehicle presentation. Thanks to the open design, the café on Level 1 afforded an impressive view of the company's entire presentation in Geneva.

We were engaged by Daimler AG to realise the audio and lighting, and we were also responsible for the rigging. 14 trailers were needed to transport the equipment used at the renowned Swiss motor show. We only had a very short time to install the equipment so that other technical systems could follow on seamlessly once our work was done. The design concept of the fair stand meant that the technical equipment - dimmers, ballasts and distribution boards - had to be positioned on a walkway directly under the roof of the hall. However, it was clear that there would be a build-up of heat there during the course of the motor show, and temperatures of up to 50 degrees were indeed measured. As most of the equipment was only designed to withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees, we used fans to ensure a constant change of air. When laying cables, we also ensured that no heat barriers were created in the roof space.

Photos: Andreas Keller

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