Semper Opera Ball, Dresden

Client: SemperOpernball e.V.
Commissioned by: SemperOpernball e.V.
Project Period: since 2006, at the beginning of each year
Location: Semperoper, Dresden
Services:Audio, Video
Project Manager: Omar Samhoun
Special features:
  • approx. 30 tons of audio and video equipment are set up within 24 hours
  • equipment has to be taken down for a complete orchestra and set up for the next within 25 minutes

On the occasion of Dresden's 800th anniversary celebrations in 2006, the city revived the long-dormant Semper Opera Ball. Since then, it has progressed to become the most important ball in Europe and the largest classical and light entertainment event in the German-speaking world. At the beginning of each year, 2,500 guests eagerly await the thrilling programme, which has a special motto every year. The debutantes' waltz is of course one of the highlights of the great opening gala, which is broadcast live on television throughout Germany and Europe, and is watched by an audience of millions.

The subsequent presentations of awards to prize-winners from the worlds of politics, business, society and culture alternate with performances by international artists and stars from the world of classical music. The orchestra – the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden – and three bands play until five o' clock in the morning, whereby the "Midnight Act" on the ballroom stage is always a highlight of the light entertainment programme.

We are in overall charge of the audio system for the orchestra and the light entertainment acts and ensure that discerning music fans in the hall enjoy a perfect auditory experience. We also provide our services for the bands playing in six smaller rooms. Furthermore, we transmit the evening's entire programme to all the other rooms in the opera house – 50 displays and 60 loudspeakers make sure that the guests don't miss a single thing that happens at the gala.

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