Transformation of a Conference into a Digital Live Event - Denmark

Commissioned by: Circ GmbH
Date: Beginning of March 2020
Location: The client's premises, Denmark
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Conferencing, Event IT, Rigging, Content Production
Project Manager: Stephan Müller
Branch:Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Munich and Neumann&Müller digital media (Studio Dresden)
Special features:
  • face-to-face event transformed into a "Digital Live Event" within 6 days
  • temporary studio set up and put into operation on the client's premises
  • programming of interactive website corporate design
  • content production on site for immediate use. Recorded material can also be used at a later date.

Special situations call for special solutions: at the beginning of January we were contracted by a client to plan and realise the technical side of its annual, two-day flagship event. The content of the conference consisted of a mixture of standard stage presentations with inspiring and influential speakers from the sector and numerous small creative workshops, at which 400 invited guests were able to try out interactive and playful methods as a way of exploring the various themes.

As global developments regarding the coronavirus came to a head, and the organisers had to make a decision, we were forced to ditch our original planning begun back in January. As a precaution and out of consideration for the health of all involved, our team revised the concept for the event and, within six days, promptly turned it into a Digital Live Event. We set up a temporary studio on the client's premise and put it into operation. Everything that happened on the stage could now be accessed by a large number of people via livestream. We also created and programmed an interactive website in the event's corporate design. Wherever they happened to be, members of the audience could access the website and, with the aid of our come2interact application, actively participate in the goings-on and interact with other participants. The conference itself also benefited from the digital approach in that online users' behaviour could be analysed straightaway and event content adapted accordingly.

A high-performance, secure data network – set up by our own server structures – ensured that the livestream was stable and that applications and the website ran without a hitch. The result was that, instead of the originally planned 400 guests at the venue, the organisers were able to reach an audience of 1,400. At the venue itself and in parallel to the live scenario, we also provided the client with content for its social media channels. The video and audio material recorded and post-processed by Neumann&Müller digital media can now be used for future purposes.

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