Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The increasingly complex nature of the technology deployed at events calls for high-performance, resilient IT infrastructures. The set-up, commissioning and operational security of networks are of critical importance for every technical system deployed at (Digital Live) events as well as in fixed installations and office environments. “Information and Communications Technology” plays a vital role in the setup and running of live events, because networks are the backbone of all the equipment used.

We offer tailor-made managed network solutions for every project. Our IT specialists and experienced media technicians plan, implement and operate the required IT infrastructure. Staff at our Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Hanover ensure reliable operation. Proactive monitoring enables us to detect anomalies before they lead to disruptions or failures. Therefore, we are able to provide a service for the special requirements of an event or congress venue – a service made unique by the composition of our team. 

We offer a large number of customised and managed services ranging from the planning phase and establishing connectivity right through to monitoring or hosting.

Managed Network Service – Experience Secure and Stable Structures

Whether you are talking about secure access from outside, the accessibility of LAN and Wi-Fi during an event or the high-performance connectivity of a data centre, working environments can only run smoothly if the infrastructure is perfectly connected.

N&M ICT analyses the existing infrastructures and plans customised, tailor-made solutions. Our highly qualified network specialists will be on hand to help you select a solution and implement it in a professional manner. The NOC then provides reliable support in the operation of the network environment – regardless of whether it is a permanent installation or was set up exclusively for a specific event.

You benefit from a secure, stable network infrastructure without long installation and service periods. 


Does your network lack access points within your desired or existing network environment? Do you require a fail-safe connection? Whatever your connectivity issue, we have the right solution.

With our experience in connectivity for events and temporary installations, our experienced technicians are sure to come up with a fitting solution. N&M ICT also takes a solution- and result-oriented approach to its works for the broadcast and satellite technology sectors, and also provides multi-channel routing solutions.

Our selected hardware links different types of WAN connections, such as UMTS, DSL, cable, LTE or satellite radio, to create a virtual dedicated line that provides fail-safe Internet. An Internet connection can be realised at the client's request by LTE, LTE bonding or IP-SAT.


Customised, virtual private servers or physical servers provided exclusively for the purpose you require: we will draw up a tailor-made system design to make ideal hosting solutions available to you on the Internet.

Your project can then be mapped holistically in the IT context, thus saving you precious time that would otherwise be taken up by unnecessary bureaucracy and payment formalities with external hosting providers. From their base at our NOC, our team of IT specialists installs, configures and services all servers made available at our certified computer centre located in Germany. 

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