Annual General Meeting of BayWa AG held as Digital Live Event, Munich

Client: BayWa AG
Commissioned by: BayWa AG
Date: 20th to 28th July 2020
Location: Rooms in BayWa AG building, Munich
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Live AR
Project Manager: Kilian Lau, Klaus Ostermayer
Branch:ICM Munich, N&M digital media (studio Munich)
Special features:
  • set-up and operation of a temporary studio in rooms in the client's building taking social distancing and hygiene rules into consideration
  • programming of content in the form of a 3D live AR animation

Due to the corona pandemic, BayWa AG's annual general meeting was held in the form of a virtual shareholder meeting at the end of July 2020. At the Munich headquarters of the globally operating company – a corporation with the core segments agriculture, energy and construction plus the development segments innovation and digitalisation – we set up a temporary studio and ensured the smooth handover of video and audio signals from the AGM to the streaming service that transmitted the webcast.

Taking all social distancing and hygiene rules into consideration, we planned the camera, video, lighting and audio systems for this studio production within an extremely short period of time and implemented them on the conference floor of the BayWa building. Before drawing up the concept, we advised the company managers extensively on whether and how an AGM could be realised in the form of a Digital Live Event in the existing facilities. The task we faced involved setting up an image/video control room for the signals and deploying a total of five cameras in the studio itself while complying with social distancing regulations.

We opted for three manned Triax units for views of the hall and two fixed cameras for augmented reality perspectives, which were also played live. This was because presentation of the content was to be visualised with live AR technology to support the company management's report. This resulted in a restricted movement radius for the manned cameras in the studio. At the same time, fixed points had to be defined in the hall for the AR cameras and for preview displays based on the rendered live perspectives. The goal was to create a picture in the live stream in which the viewer and the speaker could see the three-dimensional AR content that accompanied the presentations given by the members of the BayWa managing board. Neumann&Müller digital media, Munich was responsible for the programming of the AR elements.

LED equipment only was used for the lighting, one reason being that it was also to minimise energy consumption and heat development in the studio.


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