Simultaneous Interpreting and RSI

Simultaneous and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Making simultaneous interpreting available anytime and anywhere

For decades, simultaneous interpreting has been realised conventionally and through the physical presence of interpreters, booths and simultaneous interpreting technology at the venue of the event. Modern simultaneous interpreting systems offer excellent audio quality based on modern digital technology and are ideally suited for international conferences where different languages are spoken, as well as for hybrid and digital events. In addition to conference systems, there is also the option of using tour guide systems, which can be used on the move and are particularly suitable for smaller audiences.

By using digital technologies, we reduce your expenses for simultaneous interpreting by a significant amount. Interpreters operate from a permanent or temporary RSI hub and do not need to be present at the event location.

RSI offers different possibilities of connection for various event formats. Data security is always of utmost importance to us.

The new dimension of simultaneous interpreting

Our RSI solution is not bound to a specific platform. That means transmission to and from the event takes place using our in-house, highly professional solution with end-to-end control of a dedicated server structure that enables reception via UHF or infrared. Cloud links for personal mobile devices (BYOD) can also be used.
N&M's remote solution can also be integrated into client meeting platforms – for 100% virtual meetings, for example.

Benefits for Organisers

  • simple implementation of multilingual capability at international events
  • No more booths at the event itself:
    • reduction of set-up and dismantling times, personnel deployment, materials and logistics activities; no laborious exterior wall covering, no space problems
    • simplified accreditation and registration processes
    • reduced travel and accommodation expenses
    • customer can “take along” their own experienced interpreters
  • Implementation of virtual or hybrid formats:
    • remote connection of simultaneous interpreters increases the – international – reach of events
  • Synergies:
    • multiple parallel events or break-out sessions can be covered at the same time
    • savings thanks to coverage of a number of short events on the same day
  • Reception via:
    • conference receiver (IR/UHF)
    • BYOD (app/landing page)
    • meeting platform
We Offer

  • our own server-based high-end solution or provision of interpreting without having to depend on a specific platform (including cloud-based)
  • hub with proven interpretation technology taking DIN/ISO standards into account
  • Security:
    • redundancy
    • cyber security
    • end-to-end control
    • real-time monitoring
    • expert technical support
  • expert and highly professional consulting from our in-house conference interpreter regarding simultaneous interpreting and multilingual capability at events
  • use of permanent RSI hub in Hamburg (alternatively: temporary hubs at the event itself or at other N&M sites)
  • integration into client platforms is possible

Temporary hubs throughout Germany

For digital meetings with remote interconnection of several active participants (≤ 25), we create resource-saving and economic advantages in the short term by setting up temp hubs with connection to cloud-based collaboration or RSI platforms also at other N&M offices, at the client’s premises or at the event location. Cloud collaboration platforms are linked up via the usual, high-quality simultaneous interpreting equipment, including booth, console and support by qualified technicians. This set-up not only ensures optimized audio quality but also the hearing protection so essential for interpreters.

Downloads and further information

Nowadays, innovative formats demand that organisers are able to respond at very short notice to the wishes of attendees and other changes. We will provide you with a solution that is customised to your requirements - whether with technology and interpreters directly on site or remotely from an RSI hub.


Photos: Bam Image for N&M; Ronny Barthel für BrandEx Festival