Light is art – plus technology

We provide the technical input so that you can use light to realise your ideas and subtle nuances in the staging of your event. Light creates a fitting atmosphere that can really move an audience. Light highlights content so that it sticks in the memory.

N&M can provide your event with:

  • The latest generation of moving lights
  • Spotlights and panel lights for a wide range of uses from TV shows through to product presentations, artificial light, daylight or LED lights, followspots, zoomspots and PAR lights
  • Special architectural lighting systems for presenting buildings, naturally including testing and consideration of statutory regulations and physical possibilities
  • Professional lighting desks and dimmer systems for trouble-free control
  • Accessories from chain hoists and cable protectors through to lighting stands and clamps

N&M will also plan and organize the entire power supply for your event. Generator set included. Because perfect light requires a whole load of Technology.

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