Images that move an audience

Slick multimedia elements, film clips, charts and graphics turn a normal talk into a convincing presentation, a speech into a moving experience and a product presentation into a video show. We will provide the event technology to realise your ideas and content. Touching, thrilling, captivating. N&M has the technical equipment and a wealth of expertise to ensure that your entire audience has a good view of your images. In a hall, at night in a city square and even in daylight.

N&M can provide your event with:

  • Big screen projectors up to 4k for perfect images in a wide range of formats as well as for multiscreen and mapping shows
  • LED wall systems and displays
  • Professional control devices and playing equipment as well as media servers
  • Modern camera technology and completely equipped vision mixers for the reliable transmission of images and data - also for documenting presentations and reusing them in other media.

More Video Highlights

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