Quality beyond the sector standard

Events are highly sensitive areas: a lot of people are involved; there are stage constructions, rigging and technical equipment that demand the highest standards of quality and safety. That concerns the safety of those attending the event as well as occupational health and safety with regard to our employees. With a neutral certification at association level, we are sending a clear signal to our clients regarding our high demands in terms of quality and safety standards.

N&M is one of the first companies in Germany to successfully undergo the certification procedure run by the German Inspection Company for Entertainment Technology (DPVT). Our company processes, our production workflows, our occupational safety, our financial structure and everything associated with these factors has now been inspected and accredited to the sector standard.

However, it is not merely our aim to satisfy the "Standard". As the leader in quality in the event sector, we want to achieve even more. For us. For our clients. For our sector. Some time ago and in close collaboration with the DPVT, we launched the excellence initiative that led to the SR 6.0 certificate - and the subsequent official seal - for our sector. However, the quality standards set by N&M for its own services go far beyond the sector standard.

N&M sees motivated and skilled employees as the first building block in quality assurance. We hold in-house training course in event IT and network technology given by full-time training and safety officers. Our employees - and therefore our client too - benefit from our direct collaboration with renowned manufacturers with whom we already cooperate on product and system development. This also enables faster and more flexible action on-site.

The result is two-fold safety for our clients:

  1. By engaging our certified company, the client is released from any liability arising from making a wrong choice. That is because we guarantee the quality and safety of all the services we provide or commission.
  2. Thanks to our high quality standard, our clients can be sure that they will not find higher quality - and therefore greater safety - than that offered by N&M anywhere in the event sector.