N&M Provides Further Streaming Studio in Hamburg – Collaboration with Satellite Office Begins in Frankfurt


With the opening of a further streaming studio on its own premises in Hamburg, Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik is once more expanding its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Digital Live Events. At the same time, the company is collaborating with Satellite Office, a nationwide provider of premium working spaces. This puts N&M in a position to present its clients with the complete bandwidth of streaming options and recommend a perfect venue for digital and hybrid event formats based on individual requirements.

N&M Launches a New Sub-brand with "Neumann&Müller venue services"


On 1st September N&M presents a new business segment with its own market presence – "Neumann&Müller venue services" focuses on consulting, customised concepts and the design and development of locations and their events – The sub-brand is being introduced to highlight the segment's sharpened profile and facilitate the perfect presentation of the service portfolio.

Change in N&M's Executive Management


Stephan Hartmann left the Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik executive management team upon reaching his 60th birthday. He will continue his duties in operational support for Sales and Marketing.

Cooperation with Social-Bee to integrate refugees in the company


Social-Bee is a start-up that sees itself as Germany's first provider of integration services. Its goal is to facilitate the integration of refugees in companies by means of simple, professional employee leasing. N&M has cooperated with the non-profit organisation since 2018 – and is extremely satisfied with the first, successful collaboration.

N&M Opens First Permanent Remote Hub for Simultaneous Interpreting


"Remote Simultaneous Interpreting" (RSI) is a service package provided by Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik for efficient simultaneous interpreting at international conferences and events. Interpreters work in a remote hub without having to be present at the conference location itself. N&M has now opened the first permanent facility of this kind in Neuhausen near Stuttgart.

Successful premiere of the Greentech Festival in Berlin - N&M shows its commitment


Impressive premiere for the Greentech Festival: from Thursday to Saturday, over 1,000 conference-goers were at the site in Tempelhof and were fascinated by sustainable technologies and innovations during the congress, award ceremony and accompanying exhibition. N&M was one of the festival sponsors and showed what is currently technically possible in terms of "green rationale".

N&M Creates Separate Market Presence for Three Business Units


The N&M units System Integration, Digital Media, and Information and Communications Technology are each to be given a separate market presence in order to sharpen their focus. The Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik sub-brands clearly indicate that they belong to the company's umbrella brand and that they are therefore backed by many years of know-how, service awareness and high-quality implementation.