N&M Iberia Receives Certification for its Environmental, Health and Safety Management


N&M‘s Spanish subsidiary has been certified to the international ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. This means that the Barcelona-based company meets the requirements placed on environmental as well as on occupational health and safety management systems. It helps N&M Iberia to satisfy the ever-growing demands of its international clients and enables continuous improvement of the company's internal workflows.

Neumann & Müller Iberia’s Certification to the international ISO 14001 standard demonstrates that the company meets the requirements placed on an environmental management system that is in position to enable the company to improve its environmental performance and achieve its environmental goals. At the same time, N&M's Spanish subsidiary also obtained certification to ISO 45001, showing that the company fulfils its social responsibility. This means that N&M has demonstrated it does all in its power to reduce the risk of injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses among its employees. Using appropriate methods and instruments within a management system, N&M Iberia is constantly improving occupational health and safety and thus ensuring greater safety at work.

"In obtaining these certifications, we are not only acknowledging the great importance placed on occupational health and safety here in Spain," says Tobias Nitsch, managing director of N&M Iberia. When awarding contracts, numerous internationally operating corporate clients are scrutinising potential contractors more carefully to make sure they give due consideration to the requirements of the standards in these areas. "By implementing the requirements, we expect to achieve considerable value-added in our supplier assessments," explains Nitsch. He added that the certification would also allow N&M Iberia to significantly shorten any pre-qualification process – detailed explanations regarding individual requirements would no longer be necessary as compliance would already have been confirmed by fulfilling the standard.

Nitsch went on: "One major consequence of the certifications is that they have given us a 360-degree view of our internal processes and responsibilities." The company aims to be the leading service provider and best employer in the industry and expects this to lead to "continuous and measurable improvement in our workflows and methods of working". The managing director is confident that standardised practises will not only lead to simplified and more structured on-boarding of new employees in Barcelona but will also make it easier for technicians from other N&M branches to lend their support.