EMAAR New Year's Eve Show, Dubai/UAE

Commissioned by: Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH
Client: EMAAR Properties PJSC
Date: New Year 2012/2013 to 4th February 2013
Location: Downtown Dubai
Services:Video, time code for all systems involved
Project Manager: Rick Wade
Branch Office:Dubai
Special Features:
  • spontaneous prolonging of the show by one month
  • Time code control of all show elements using Dataton Watchout
  • Gold at FAMAB Award 2014 in the "Public Events" category

"Water, Fire & Light" was the title of the 35-minute production staged by the media artist and show developer Andree Verleger on the artificial lake in downtown Dubai. Fifteen platforms were installed along with gauze-covered truss frames that served as projection surfaces and upon which the artistic show given by the performers was united with the accompanying video images. In the background, at the edge of the lake opposite the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, a 210-metre-long, eight-meter-high curved screen served as a further projection surface. Here alone, we deployed 34 projectors. The Dubai Mall was also included in the show, with one projection surface measuring 80 by 25 metres and two others each 30 metres wide - for which a total of 74 projectors were in use.

Photos: Ralph Larmann

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