IAA Mobility 2023

IAA Mobility 2023: Trade Fair, Congress and Public Event – Munich, September 2023

Client/Comissioned by: VDA, Messe München GmbH, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Porsche AG, PwC Deutschland
Date: 5th to 10th September 2023
Location: Messe München, ICM, Open Spaces in downtown Munich
Services:Video, Audio, Lighting, Rigging, Event-IT (Content Management), Content Production
Project Manager: Axel Dennhardt, Matthias Kübler, Martin Würfele, Leonhard Roth, Pasquale Zuppa
Branch:Messe München;München
Special features:
  • complete equipment for the three large stages
  • comprehensive, centralised content management system for all content for five halls
  • logistically and time-wise tight planning for the set-up in the heavily frequented city centre area

IAA Mobility 2023, held from 5th to 10th September, was the second edition of the fair to be held in Munich. In line with its slogan “Experience Connected Mobility”, the event presented mobility as the interaction between various modes of transport and a range of different operators, with digital and smart connected solutions being used to make mobility safer, more comfortable and more efficient. The trade fair took place not only in the halls of Messe München but also in downtown Munich.

For the organisers of IAA Mobility as well as for renowned vehicle manufacturers and service companies, we implemented a large number of technical concepts for stages both at the exhibition centre itself and in the city centre. We also designed the content management for handling the presentations given by over 500 speakers from all over the world.

The “IAA Summit” and the accompanying “IAA Conference” hosted keynotes, discussions and information formats on three stages. These events were aimed exclusively at trade visitors and took place in six halls of the Messe München trade fair centre. We equipped the main stage in Hall A1, where IAA Mobility 2023 kicked off with an initial press conference and the official opening by Chancellor Scholz.

We also implemented the technical concepts for the Blue and Yellow Stages – where 80 to 100 guests followed the speakers' presentations – as well as for the “Visionary Club House” dialogue space and the 75-seat PwC Deutschland and Microsoft “Smart Mobility Space”, a further dialogue space that provided a setting for creation and collaboration.

Our Digital Media team was responsible for stage and content design at the “IAA Conference”. Since the beginning of the year we had been in close contact with Messe München and the fair organiser VDA to work on the successful expansion of the conference, which now covers five stages. The close collaboration between client, technical service provider and the content creation team had enabled consultation more or less in real-time and resulted in a straightforward planning process.

Working together with their colleagues from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and “Digital Live Event” (DLE) units, the Digital Media team also handled extensive content management across five halls, a process which started by collecting the speakers' data long before the beginning of the fair. The data was collected in the cloud and – along with content packages produced in advance of the event – made accessible to all stages from a central hub by means of a content management system. This made distribution and communication much easier and gave the technicians the flexibility they required.

The “Open Space” concept expanded IAA Mobility to Munich city centre. In the Apothekenhof, for example, we provided the technical set-up for such a space for Mercedes-Benz. This venue was open to the general public free of charge. Visitors could experience the company's portfolio of current and future electric and electrified vehicles and enjoy a varied programme that also included a music event in the evening. Our greatest challenge was to align the entire equipment logistics with the tight schedules for the heavily frequented site and with the allotted time slots.


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