IdeenExpo, Hanover

Client: C3 Carpe Connect Communications
Commissioned by: IdeenExpo GmbH
Date: every two years for nine days in summer
Location: Hanover Trade Fair Centre
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging, Power, Network
Project Manager: Thomas Schäfer
Branch Offices:Hamburg, Hanover
Special Features:
  • complex sound system for emergency announcement
  • distribution of light, audio and video signals via a redundant glass-fibre Network (seven kilometres of glass-fibre cable)
  • redundant power supply
  • 30 articulated truck loads of material

Since 2007, we have been responsible for technical realisation in the fields of audio, light, networks, power, rigging and video at Germany's largest youth event for natural sciences and technology. Particular attention was paid to safety aspects right from the very beginning: we designed a complex sound system for emergency announcements that guaranteed the best possible levels of speech intelligibility throughout the entire venue. We realised this by setting up a redundant glass-fibre network for exchanging data and video signals in addition to the audio signals. We used this network to link up all the halls and various areas including the outdoor stage; all of the signals converged in a central control room, for which we were also responsible. We also realised the redundant power supply as a further safety precaution.

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