Innovative technologies for perfect presentations

In our studios in Munich, Dresden and Hamburg we produce all kinds of audio-visual content - and for all kinds of demands: from charts and multiscreen shows through to 3D animations. For example, for corporate events such as the AGMs of large DAX companies, we produce all of the audio-visual content from music, video loops and clips through to multilingual presentation charts and corresponding video content for the company's website.

When you are drawing up the concept for your event, our event specialists will advise you on the selection of media and the systems to be used. They will then create specific content that ideally conveys your company's core messages.

Our portfolio:

  • Creation of charts, graphics
  • Conceptual design of multimedia events, presentations
  • Pre-visualisation of events, trade fairs
  • Light pre-visualisation and pre-programming
  • Video production ENG, studio, event
  • Video post-production
  • 2D animations
  • 3D animations
  • Watchout shows
  • Creation of stereoscopic 3D content
  • Sound production of recording, mix up to 5.1 sound mixing
  • Interactive content, for example touchscreens

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