Load monitoring has never been so easy.

Loadwatch enables digital and cloud-based load measurement and monitoring on a grand scale at attractive prices.


This is Loadwatch:

What Fira Barcelona says about Loadwatch:

Brief summary of Fira Barcelona’s reasons:

  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency

Our Loadwatch-related services

The Loadwatch load measuring system enables us to compare a wide range of planning data with a large number of actual measured values. The wireless system enables both monitoring and measurement of loads with the result that all structural changes in every hall can be detected in real-time and action taken whenever required.

It is a scalable system that can be seamlessly integrated into all process steps, thus ensuring maximum safety while allowing full utilisation of every hall’s capacity. Loadwatch gives visual feedback on capacity utilisation on the device itself by means of a LED traffic light display as well as via a cloud-based web app.

Loadwatch represents a reliable advance in development that goes far beyond the current calculatory/empirical approach and represents a modern, fully integrated and digital load measuring system.

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