Studios for Digital Live Events

N&M Livestream Studios

We enable ideal conditions for your virtual event in our completely equipped studio in Hamburg our in one of our partner venues. The Hamburg City Studio is located on the premises of our branch office and is therefore perfectly integrated into our infrastructure. Furthermore, we have a direct connection to our in-house media production provided by our local teams from N&M digital media.

Streaming Studios at our Partner Locations

Alternatively, you can also produce your digital event at one of our partner venues. For this purpose, we have installed dedicated studios at locations supported by our Venue Services so that you can broadcast your stream to the world. Thanks to our collaborations with these venues, we have in-depth knowledge of the local conditions and the on-site technical equipment. This puts us in a position to respond with ease to individual wishes.

We can also turn your existing offices and meeting rooms into a temporary streaming studio. We successfully implemented this option for the German Travel Association and FESTO for example.

Simply get in touch with our contact persons to find out more about our temporary studios or contact our “Digital Live Events” team.