Can you imagine a classical open air concert for an audience of 16,000 sounding so perfect that it seems to be taking place in a very, very large concert hall? N&M uses special acoustic Systems to meet such exacting demands on live sound. Over the years, our high-quality equipment, equally outstanding expertise, a wealth of experience, and our enthusiasm for music and sound have helped us to evolve into sought-after specialists in the classical open air business. And if we are able to reach such a level of perfection for an open air concert, it goes without saying that we can do the same in a concert hall. Symphonic concerts and operas as well as musicals, dance shows and presentations of overall artistic concepts all benefit from such a service.

And not only do we provide the best possible sound but also sophisticated lighting design and tailor-made event and presentation technology so that your cultural masterpiece thoroughly captivates and thrills your audience.

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