Hybrid Trade Fairs

Hybrid Trade Fairs – The Best of Both Worlds

nextSPACES – smart technology solutions for hybrid trade fairs

Live marketing and live communication are among the most effective instruments in your communication mix. Nowadays, people appreciate more than ever the emotions, experiences and personal contact associated with attending a trade fair in person. At the same time, we are feeling the unique user benefits of digitalisation with its new formats such as our Digital Live Events. 

N&M is combining two formats that belong together – the best of both worlds 

Aided by the enhanced effectiveness of hybrid formats, we can improve the communication and range of the on-site trade fair experience in terms of both time and space thanks to clever and targeted digital extensions. We take care of the practical technical implementation of your hybrid trade fair format, providing reliable, bi-directional communication channels so that visitors, exhibitors and fair organisers can experience the individuality and customer focus of your on-site appearance. At the same time, you benefit from the possibilities of data tracking for your live marketing. 

nextSPACES is the name we have given to these digital extensions of your on-site trade fair experience: a range of technical solutions you can integrate into your individual booth and link to your communication channels. 

Our nextSPACES


collaborationSPACE allows you to establish customer networks both on site and online, thus providing a digital conference room for direct communication with experts. You answer questions in personal discussions and present your products using hybrid-interactive whiteboard tools for visualisation. 


satelliteSPACE gives you a clever extension of your presentation options on your trade fair booth based on your available resources. In satelliteSPACE, you establish a network with all participants – visitors to the booth, experts, etc. – by means of live link-ups to your existing showrooms and exhibits or outdoor spaces at the exhibition site.

Additional nextSPACES


productSPACE provides a platform for impressive presentations of your products to both on-site and online audiences. This solution gives you a modern, attractive space in which media technology is skilfully deployed for the flexible presentation of your communication content. It also features a clever approach to realising online connections for direct dialogue with your customers. 


techSPACE is particularly suitable for presenting special details of your products. It provides your experts with an ideal solution for communication up close to the exhibits in question with additional support from digital content. 


You can use meetSPACE to establish a network for your customers in a digital conference room for direct communication with the appropriate experts. You deal with questions in personal discussions and present your products. 

Our nextSPACES provide you with practical solutions for your communication goals such as presentations, communication, collaboration, networking and socialising. 

Our partnerships with the trade fair centres in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart put us right there on the ground with our service partner teams. We also have 16 branch offices throughout Germany so we are never far from your trade fair event. Our Digital Live Events bespoke streaming solution can also be used for other types of events besides trade fairs, giving you the flexibility to achieve all your communication goals. 


We provide numerous additional services to make your hybrid trade fair appearances even better. 

Digital Media 

As a supplement and visually appealing extension to your Digital Live Event, our in-house media production will design and create your media content, including trailers and live AR applications. 

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) 

Our service for non-location-dependent simultaneous interpreting provides the technical platform for events planned to take place at multiple (international) locations at the same time.  

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 

Our ICT solutions – planned, designed and monitored by our team at our Network Operations Center in Hanover – ensure stability, performance and a high degree of reliability for IT infrastructure.