AV Alliance

Part of a Global Family

The AV Alliance is the leading network of premium companies dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, service and support in the event industry. Offering a consistently high quality level through collaboration is the common goal we share with all members.

Regardless of the network member you engage, you always receive the top-quality event technology you would expect from us when working abroad with us. Together, all partners complete more than 100,000 projects per year around the world,

As our client you get a consistent premium brand experience - no matter where your event takes place in the world.

Your advantages of our participation in the AV Alliance:

  • 83 members spread across 102 locations in 50 countries on six continents
    • only strictly selected and supervised companies are admitted, to ensure same overall level of quality
  • consistency and reliability
    • bring your trusted N&M expert to the event and let him take care of the event in cooperation with our local partner. The level of quality and service available to you will be consistent
  • access to local equipment, sources and mobility
    • fast and efficient planning and execution for your event, thus minimizing your cost and global footprint
  • expert staff with knowledge of local language, cultural and regional characteristics
    • no communication barriers between you, us and our partner

For more information visit the AV Alliance website.