Sport and E-Sports

Of course, the athletes’ performance is what really matters. But if the performance is to thrill the audience, it requires skilful media presentation. Not only on the pitch or in the stadium but increasingly at events surrounding the matches or competitions or highlighting the athletes themselves. Recently, the rapid advancement of e-sports has moved it into focus. It’s a field that calls for innovative event technology because here sports meet entertainment even more. Live on-site and for millions of stream viewers.

N&M designs and realises the technology for parties, receptions, press conferences and presentations that bring together the sportspeople, sponsors, fans and media representatives. We provide the technical solutions for the best possible hospitality for your event - and ensure the link-up of the hospitality area to all media and broadcasting stations that are covering your event either live or as a recording.

We can master master every technical and logistical challenge anywhere in the world by calling on our proven network of partners known as the AV Alliance

Additional Sport and E-Sports Highlights: