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Digital Live Events – the Most Comprehensive Solution for your Virtual and Hybrid Events

Special situations call for special solutions – and these are available for a wide range of virtual and hybrid event formats. After all, what could be more obvious than bringing the event to the guest if not every guest can come to the event? Customised event streaming solutions enable participants to experience the occasion live even if they can't attend in person.

With our comprehensive solutions for digital live events, we are the most experienced partner on the market and provide our clients with perfect implementation of purely digital and hybrid events. We keep the technical requirements as simple as possible, design exactly the right solution to meet clients' needs and provide additional services for every Digital Live Event upon request.

Hybrid event formats with Digital Live Events as a concept for the future

In future, it will be impossible to imagine events without a hybrid format – regardless of whether the event in question is a major public occasion or a small presentation or conference. Even after the pandemic, many participants will be not able or even want to be physically present on every occasion, and a digital alternative to in-person events also has advantages for organisers: for example, hybrid events reach a significant number of participants or targets groups that previously couldn't be reached and also offer the opportunity of experiencing content again at any time. The reduction in travelling and the consequent fall in costs mean that the event and participants make a contribution to sustainability.

Our Additional Services



Tailor-made, scalable and completely customizable. Before, after, during or without an event: With its diverse range of services, yemby is the perfect platform for every communication order. Registration, user management, interactions and much more is possible. Everything in one software, without additional tools or additional interfaces.



If you lack the appropriate setting for your Digital Live Event, our completely equipped "Digital Live Event" studios in Hamburg and Munich provide the ideal conditions for your virtual event. Alternatively, our partner locations can be transformed into studios at short notice to meet your needs and stream your event to the world. We have already implemented studio solutions – also for hybrid formats – together with a number of our partners.


RSI is our cross-border platform for simultaneous translation without the interpreter having to be present at the venue – whatever the languages involved. It is our service package for events held in multiple (international) locations at the same time – whether hybrid, virtual or as streaming on demand. Our technically fully equipped permanent RSI hubs, or those implemented at the event location, are available for this purpose.



Stability, performance and a high level of security are ensured by our ICT solutions, which we also designed for hybrid and virtual meeting solutions. Based at our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Hanover, our technicians plan, design and monitor the process to ensure the IT infrastructure operates without a hitch.

Digital Media

Our in-house media production team will design and create your media content – whether you require a trailer, background, content or live AR applications. Content can be communicated in a way that grabs your audience's attention, thereby supplementing your Digital Live Event and adding an extra visually appealing aspect.

Immerse your audience live into your event – for example via online voting. The yemby communication platform offers countless possibilities.

Enrich your event with a live AR application. Complex content receives maximum attention thanks to spatial visualisation combined with a live camera image.

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