Semper Open Air Ball, Dresden

Client: SemperOperball e.V.
Commissioned by: Tom Roeder
Project Period: since 2006, at the beginning of each year
Location: Theaterplatz in front of the Semper Opera House, Dresden
Services: Audio, Lighting
Project Manager: Sebastian Schreiber
Branch: Dresden
Special features:
  • implementation of the lighting design, adapted to the respective motto
  • use of modern audio equipment to master the open-air challenges
  • when realising the project, we have to take the unpredictable weather conditions into account that can occur at that time of the year
  • opening scene with diverse and often unusual stylistic means

For one evening a year, Dresden's venerable Theaterplatz is turned into a gigantic open-air dance floor as part of the largest classical entertainment event in the German-speaking world. While 2,500 guests experience the gala programme of Europe's most important ball inside the Semper Opera House itself, almost 15,000 people celebrate a lively party in front of the building.

The goings-on in the ballroom are transmitted live on a LED wall in Theaterplatz, where they are accompanied by an additional programme organised by the MDR broadcasting company. An outdoor stage constructed especially for the event provides the setting for numerous performances and audience-participation activities. Using a sophisticated audio concept, we make sure that those in the square outside are able to enjoy the ball's classical and light entertainment programme. We also install architecture and special effect lighting consisting of 60 LED floodlights and 50 moving lights to create just the right atmosphere to heighten the enjoyment and spread the party feeling.

Speaking of effects: whether it is a debutante hovering over Theaterplatz on a huge crescent moon or three chimney sweeps abseiling from a flying number thirteen high above the party guests, the initiator always thinks up a spectacular opening scene in line with the motto – whereby we have the privilege of lending our support.

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