care4equipment at the Zimmertheater Tübingen

„care4equipment“ for the „Zimmertheater“ in Tübingen

Client: Zimmertheater Tübingen GmbH – Dieter and Peer Ripberger
Commissioned by: Zimmertheater Tübingen GmbH
Date: August and September 2018
Location: „Zimmertheater”, Tübingen
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Bespoke Designs
Project Manager: Andreas Kammerer
Branch:Stuttgart in collaboration with the N&M workshop
Special features:
  • use of "care4equipment" services including prior inspection of the existing event equipment
  • complete replacement of the building's electrical installations plus audio, lighting and video equipment
  • installation of bespoke, flexible constructions in the stage area: load-bearing systems for lights and curtain rail systems with acoustic curtain

A small building for great art: the "Zimmertheater" in Tübingen emerged from the "Freie Theatergruppe Thespiskarren" in1958. It has two rooms that can accommodate 120 people – the "Zimmer am Neckar" with a capacity of 50 and the "Gewölbe" for an audience of 70 – and it generates an intense theatre atmosphere on each of its two stages. The venue's history contributes to its extraordinary charm: the laboratories of the Trapp’sche Apotheke pharmacy were once located on this site in the Bursagasse in the centre of the historical old city. Located directly on the picturesque banks of the Neckar river, below the St. George’s Collegiate Church and in the immediate vicinity of the Alte Burse, the Hölderlin Tower and the Neckar Island, the theatre continues its progressive mission with a permanent ensemble and contemporary orientation.

The theatre management engaged us to plan the replacement of all the technical equipment, which we did within the framework of "care4equipment" – our service package especially designed for permanent locations and (theatre) venues. Besides identifying outdated systems and technical equipment in need of renewal, our inspection also revealed that the electrical installations did not meet the applicable standards and regulations. However, the tight schedule remained unchanged: the entire project, from planning to completion, had to be ready for its premiere in just eight weeks, and so we set about the detailed installation planning with subsequent implementation of the various systems in the two auditoria. First, we installed a completely new electrical system, followed by audio, lighting and video equipment. Today the stages feature a 5.1 sound system and are lit by environmentally-friendly LED technology. The new video system enables 3D hologram projections and mapping with up to six projectors. We designed bespoke load-bearing systems for the curtains and lights for both stages in the historical building.

Our "care4equipment" services were deployed at the “Zimmertheater”, and we demonstrated that implementation from a single source has distinct benefits in terms of both budget and schedule while also being of major significance when it comes to preserving the fabric of the building.


Dieter and Peer Ripberger, who manage the "Zimmertheater", were full of praise for the way the project was executed:

"The N&M team, led by Andreas Kammerer, turned the Tübingen “Zimmertheater” inside out: in the middle of the summer break, with an extremely short planning period and a crazy timeline. Following the complete overhaul of the electrical installations and event technology for our two stages – one of them in a historical arched cellar from the 16th century – our theatre now has two auditoria fitted with safe, modern equipment. We can now realise contemporary aesthetics that correspond to the state of the art – while saving a lot of energy thanks to the complete changeover to LED. We received – and still receive – the best possible support at all times. Thank you very much to the entire team!"


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