System Integration

System Integration

High-quality media technology for large-scale projects – from a single source

"System Integration" provides turnkey implementation of semi-permanent and permanent installation projects all around the world. Conceptual design, implementation and operation of high-quality, high-performance media technology solutions are formed into an overall package in close partnership with the client. Extensive know-how and international experience in collaboration in large-scale projects are brought to bear in consulting, design and realisation – just like N&M expertise in other fields of technology. Reference projects include various thematic and national pavilions for EXPO 2017 in Astana, the VW pavilion at the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Deutsche Haus at a whole series of Olympic Games, the "Letters to Andy Warhol" and "David Bowie" international travelling exhibitions as well as the Mercedes flagship store in Moscow.

Successful Handover: “BeWunder” Continues System Integration

With its many years of know-how and international expertise, the management of “System Integration” is now taking on the implementation of media technology solutions for large-scale projects under the independent brand “BeWunder”. The creative minds in the teams at the international locations remain your contacts, so professionalism and quality are guaranteed.

References by N&M system integration