München Hoch5

Events: Conferences, congresses, corporate events, galas, TV studio
Services:Audio, Lighting, Video as well as Conferencing and Interpreting Equipment, Staging, Rigging, Event-IT
Branch Office:Munich
in-house technical equipment: Besides an outstanding IT network infrastructure, München Hoch5 features the following technical in-house equipment in the areas of sound, lighting and video systems, which can be individually extended by N&M.

Modern design with a rugged industrial charm, generous loft spaces - and a spectacular 360-degree view as far as the Alps: that is "München Hoch5". The attractive premises are spread over three floors and equipped with the latest modern infrastructure. The various spaces are all connected with one another and can therefore be combined flexibly, enabling an aggregate 1,100 square metres of floor space to be used for a wide variety of different occasions.

The event area on the 5th floor is ideal for corporate events, galas and congresses with up to 500 guests. The restaurant area takes the form of a gallery constituting the 6th floor and provides space for an additional 200 people. The Rooftop Bar covering 180 square metres is an inviting area for relaxation and communication. Last but not least, the 345 square-metre terrace with a view from the Frauenkirche church in the city to the peak of the Zugspitze in the Alps.

“Freiraum” event area

  • 5th floor
  • size: 369 m², approx. 500 people
  • dimmable ceiling lighting
  • built-in Bose loudspeakers for background music, controlled by an audio matrix.
  • parasols (outside)
  • complete shading system (inside)
  • vehicle platform 5.8 m x 2.5 m and a load bearing capacity of 3.5 t
  • broadband network with 300 mbps (down), 60 mbps (up). Freely configurable VLANs
  • equipment room, equipped with "dome cam" and surveillance monitor
  • three-phase current connections from 16 A CEE to 63A CEE
  • 58 suspension points each with a load bearing capacity of 150 kg are available for additional media equipment. A 15-km-long data network of copper and glass is available to supply and control the equipment. All signals come together in the equipment room and can be freely marshalled to all areas. An interface for outside broadcast units with a power supply of 63 A CEE and a glass and copper connection to the central equipment room was set up for broadcasting TV events - not far from a potential parking area for outside broadcast Units.

Restaurant with rooftop bar

  • 6th floor
  • size: 183 m², approx. 200 people
  • loudspeakers for background music
  • dimmable lighting
  • ready-to-use DJ booth
  • signal connection to equipment room
  • WiFi
  • shading system

Adjacent “Dachland” rooftop terrace

  • size: 345 m²
  • signal connections to central equipment room
  • 2 x 63 A CEE three-phase current connections

Maximum number of persons in all areas: 699 persons


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