"otto" at Dinzler

Location: Dinzler Kaffeerösterei, Irschenberg (Miesbach district, near Munich)
Events: conferences, congresses, workshops, corporate events, galas, concerts, film and photo productions, exhibitions, private occasions, lectures, readings, vernissages, presentations, pop-up-stores
Client: Dinzler Kaffeerösterei AG
Branch Office:Munich
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Conferencing and Interpreting Systems, Staging, Rigging, Event-IT, Content Production
Technical Data: The location has in-house sound, lighting and video systems that can be individually extended.

The head office of the “Dinzler Kaffeerösterei” (coffee roastery) is now located in a sophisticated new-build, which also includes rooms for out-of-the-ordinary and diverse events. At first level, there is a seminar room and the coffee academy – two light-filled rooms (225 m² and 255 m²) in a modern design – plus a 120 m² foyer, which can be rented for events, exhibitions or workshops of all kinds.

The basement covers 642 m² and boasts a ceiling around ten metres high supported by columns. This room not only acts as the new coffee storage area but also as a location for exceptional event concepts. Besides providing a generous amount of space, the event area also houses an underground car park with 90 parking spaces as well as a goods lift that even enables vehicle presentations – a package of attractive features that will appeal to event organisers.


Rösterei event area (basement) 642 m²
Buenavista seminar room (first floor) 255 m²
Panama coffee academy (first floor) 255 m²
Foyer (first floor) 120 m²


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