Our Constant Goal: The Perfect Sound Experience

Following everything that happens on stage is pretty hard work for the heads of the audience. Our senses have to process a lot of information at the same time - localising voices and sounds, taking in images, reading texts. This is true for attendees at congresses, conferences and presentations as well as for theatre and concert audiences.

Ever since we have been involved in audio technology - as we have for over 40 years now - we have done everything we possibly can to make things easier for the audience. We began by transmitting speech and music in brilliant quality from the sound source to the ear. Innovative loudspeakers, amplifiers and mixing desks ensured audible progress.

The next dimension for sound source localisation and space simulation: "Soundscape DS 100"

Now, we want nothing less than to produce genuine audio reality. Excellent speech clarity and precise assignment to people on stage, distinct separation, loss-free transmission - for every member of the audience whether in the first row on the left or in the top balcony.

"Soundscape DS 100" from d&b audiotechnik is an ultra-modern innovation that we will be able to use in our projects with immediate effect. The powerful system (featuring a 64 x 64 audio matrix) constitutes a new development level in localising and tracking sound sources and simulating spaces.

Whereas stereo reproduction can only be experienced by those members of the audience sitting exactly in the middle, "Soundscape" enables an audio mix aligned to the senses. It avoids tiring the audience because what they see and hear are no longer decoupled - even at a low volume. They can simply relax and enjoy what is happening on stage.

"Open door into a new world of sound"

"Soundscape" is an ideal toolbox for sound designers: with highly developed processing and object-based mixing, it permits a simple workflow during set-up thanks to the familiar program environment and is based on a uniform architecture. At the same time, it reduces planners' workload and the time spent coordinating interfaces while increasing process reliability.

The system also offers two optional software modules: "En-Space" is the name of the operator-friendly space emulation tool with which reverberation signatures can be introduced to and modified in any space - for full-bodied and natural sound reproduction. "En-Scene" is an object positioning tool for the individual positioning and movement of objects on stage to achieve visual and acoustic coordination.

It is also worth knowing that "Soundscape" is not a closed system: it can be integrated into conventional mixing desks, stage control systems as well as reproduction and tracking systems. According to d&b audiotechnik, the manufacturer of the system, the result is "an open door into a new world of sound".

We are convinced that if it is easier for members of the audience to associate what they hear with what they see on stage, they will be able to concentrate better, the spoken word will be better understood even during heated exchanges and the auditory experience will be natural and authentic.

For more information visit the d&b audiotechnik website.