Network Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC): A Watchful Eye on IT and Network Installations

IT networks, servers, cloud solutions or WLAN: digitalisation has not only changed the technology we work with on a daily basis – it has also had an equally significant impact on the type of work we do. Complex interconnection and resource-intensive applications result in permanently rising demands on the ICT infrastructure that holds everything together. And also on the people responsible for ensuring the smooth interaction of the solutions we design and install. At our Network Operations Centre, specialists from the fields of IT and media technology work together under one roof to make sure your event runs smoothly.

The line connection for your venue, the IT networks especially installed for your current event or the infrastructure of our very own data centre: we keep a watchful eye on all these event installations from our base at the NOC. Proactive monitoring enables us to detect any anomalies or abnormal behaviour during operation of all our current installations – before faults or even failures occur.

Before an event gets underway, our technicians assist both our clients and colleagues with their expertise – 365 days a year. Current, legal and technical factors are incorporated into consulting and planning. Combined with extensive experience gathered from 40 years of event technology, this enables us to ensure the best possible service for your event.

Contact Person: Benjamin Mehl
Time of beginning operation: June 2019
Services: Managed Network Services, Connectivity, Hosting
Location: Hanover
Special features:
  • team comprising IT specialists and experienced colleagues from media technology
  • real-time monitoring
  • project-oriented, highly available IT infrastructures
  • Availability: 365 days per year