HOMAG Trade Fair Stand at “LIGNA” 2019, Hanover

Client: HOMAG Group AG
Commissioned by: HOMAG Group AG
Date: 27th to 31st May 2019
Location: Hannover Messe
Services:Content Production
Project Manager: Klaus Ostermayer
Branch:Digital Media (Studio Munich)
Special features:
  • 3D animated video clip for transparent OLED display
  • touch-screen-controlled, interactive 3D video mapping
  • interactive augmented reality presentation with live overlays on three LED walls

In an exhibition area covering over 5,000 m², HOMAG, the global market leader for woodworking machinery, showed visitors to the LIGNA in Hanover a broad range of solutions to help businesses tackle the demands of today and the trends of tomorrow. At the leading international trade fair for woodworking machinery, plant and tools, HOMAG filled the whole of Hall 14 at the Hanover trade fair centre. In addition to machinery, visitors could also experience technical innovations for woodworking live in action.

Integrated workshop and cell concepts along with digital features and software solutions aroused particular interest in 2019. Focusing on small craft businesses and medium-sized companies, HOMAG addressed the questions of what opportunities digitalisation can offer SMEs today and how simple digital assistants can support carpenters and joiners in their work. In various “TEQ tours”, which presented the concepts in practice, the company showed what the solutions can actually look like and what benefits they bring to everyday work. These tours took place twelve times a day, welcoming a total of 1,500 guests. Participants had a perfect overview of the exhibits from the observation platforms while the two moderators presented innovative solutions for specific sectors.

Our Digital Media team produced three modules to visualise and therefore support the HOMAG presentations on various digitalisation topics. We produced a 3D animated, technical video clip for a transparent OLED screen as well as interactive 3D video mapping controlled by a touch screen. An augmented reality presentation in the form of live overlays – controlled by the moderators from tablets during the “TEQ tours” – showed the complex, technical interdependencies in digitalisation in wood processing on three LED walls.


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