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Used Equipment

If you are interested in our used equipment please contact our Used Gear Sales Team
We offer 6 months warranty on all our used gear. Gear is checked directly prior to shipping.


AKG (Crown) PCC160 Microphones & DI
Alpermann & Velte TC30SI Other equipment
ASL IS 141 Communication
Astatic 915/920 Gooseneck mic set (Schwanenhals) (4 pcs.) Microphones & DI
audio-technica AT4041 Microphones & DI
audio-technica AT4053a Microphones & DI
audio-technica AT831R + accessories Microphones & DI
audio-technica AT8410A shock mount Microphones & DI
audio-technica ATW-A49 Microphones & DI
audio-technica U857/H Microphones & DI
Audipack P1866 Mounting aid (Montagehilfe) 9x00 Other equipment
axxent BP100 Communication
Beyerdynamic MPR 211 Microphones & DI
BSS Soundweb BLU-DA Peripherals
Clear-Com HS6 Communication
Countryman E6OW6-TA4F Microphones & DI
Crown XTI1000 System, amplifier & controller
d&b audiotechnik AMP 2x450W/4Ohm Other equipment
d&b audiotechnik B1 Loudspeakers
d&b audiotechnik E0 Set white (4pcs.) Loudspeakers
d&b audiotechnik F1 LS + Controller Loudspeakers
d&b audiotechnik F1 Monitor + Controller Loudspeakers
d&b audiotechnik M1 Lousdpeaker + Controller Loudspeakers
d&b audiotechnik Z5048 Flying pin 10mm Other equipment
dbx 166XL Peripherals
DPA DPA4061-TA4F Kit Microphones & DI
DPA MHS6005 Other equipment
Drawmer DS201X Peripherals
Electro-Voice EVF-1152D/43-FG Loudspeakers
Fohhn D4.1200 B-Stock "defekt" System, amplifier & controller
Fohhn D4.1200 System, amplifier & controller
Fohhn NA-1 Peripherals
Fostex SC20C Microphones & DI
Gemini DRP-1 Peripherals
Grundig Audiorama 9000 white (hängend) Loudspeakers
Hedü LevelBox M523 Other equipment
JBL Control 19CS white Loudspeakers
JBL Control 19CST white Loudspeakers
JBL Control 23 set (6 pcs.) Loudspeakers
JBL Control 23 white set (6 pcs) Loudspeakers
JBL Control 24C white Loudspeakers
JBL Control 60PS/T Loudspeakers
JBL Control 62P set (8 pcs.) white Loudspeakers
JoeCo BBR1A BlackBox Recorder Set Peripherals
K&M 23760 Mic fishing pole (Mikrofonangel) Other equipment
K&M 24105 fork speaker stands Other equipment
K&M ZX Stativ Set Tripods
K-array KAN200+ Loudspeakers
K-array KU210 Loudspeakers
LD Systems LDI 02 DI-Box Microphones & DI
Mackie MS402VLZ4 Mixers
Metro Audio CBP1 Beltpack Communication
Metro Audio CMS2 Communication
MeyerSound MM4 Set (4pcs.) Loudspeakers
ML-Audio+Carbons GmbH PFP60 set (4 pcs.) Loudspeakers
n/a 32 pairs stage box Cables & Adapters
n/a 50m Multicore Kit 32p Cables & Adapters
n/a Break Out 32 pairs Cables & Adapters
n/a EP5 Y-Adapter Cables & Adapters
n/a EP5 cable 10m Sense Drive Cables & Adapters
n/a EP5 Cable 1m Cables & Adapters
n/a EP5 cable 20m Sense Drive Cables & Adapters
n/a EP5 cable 5m Cables & Adapters
n/a ZLME Set Loudspeakers
n/a ZXStativ Set Tripods
Palmer PAN 02 DI-Box Microphones & DI
Palmer PPB20S Peripherals
QSC AD-C821 Loudspeakers
QSC AD-S6 set (2 pcs.) Loudspeakers
QSC Powerlight 1.0 System, amplifier & controller
RCF HD 3216/T set (2 pcs.) Loudspeakers
Rosendahl BonsaiDrive Peripherals
Schoeps CMC5 + MK41 Microphones & DI
Sennheiser EM3732 - II P + SKP30 Wireless
Shure AD651B Set (2pcs.) Microphones & DI
Shure P10R L8E for PSM1000 Wireless
Shure PSM700 with P7R-MN Wireless
Shure SCM810E Mixers
Shure Super55 Microphones & DI
Shure UA844 Wireless
Shure UR1 R9 Microphones & DI
Shure UR2 R9 with BETA87A Microphones & DI
Shure UR3 Microphones & DI
Shure UR4D R9 Microphones & DI
Shure XPSM receiver UHF Wireless
Sonifex RB-AES 4X3 Peripherals
Sonus Audiosphere 360° set (2 pcs.) Loudspeakers
Sonus ZX 101 Set mit ZX Frame 2 Loudspeakers
Soundtube CMC500 Set white (4pcs.) Loudspeakers
TC D-Two Peripherals
TEQSAS HS6H-TA4F Microphones & DI
the box PA 108 Passive Loudspeakers
the box PA 108A Active Loudspeakers
the box PA 110A Active Loudspeakers
the box pro Achat 206 Loudspeakers
Whirlwind AESQbox AES Signal Tester Other equipment
Whirlwind Multicore 50p 75m Cables & Adapters
Whirlwind Stagebox 50p + Case Cables & Adapters
Whirlwind XLR Spliss 50p Cables & Adapters
Yamaha CL1 + Case Mixers
Yamaha CL5 + Case Mixers
Yamaha CP4SF System, amplifier & controller
Yamaha DME4io-C DSP Peripherals
Yamaha DME64N Peripherals
Yamaha M7CL-48 Mixers
Yamaha MY16AT Peripherals
Yamaha MY8-AE Peripherals
Yamaha PW800W Mixers
Yamaha QL5 + Case Mixers
Yamaha TF1 + Case Mixers
Yamaha TF1 + NY64D + Case Mixers
Yamaha TF1 + NY64D Mixers

Last Update: 27. May 2024

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