come2present - The Congress and Meeting Presentation Network

Server-based presentation management
When giving a presentation today, we are faced with a growing choice of methods, a confusing array of formats and ever-expanding file sizes for film clips. Electronic media used by speakers at conferences and congresses present organisers with new challenges - and call for tailor-made technology.

With come2present - the central tool for efficient presentation management - all presentations are structured and stored in a database either online or via a local media depository before the event. Speakers can easily review and update the current status of their presentations thanks to the clear structure.

Focus on reliability
With a view to ensuring network stability, N&M has developed a process to control the communication between the database on the servers and the playing devices in the presentation rooms. No matter whether customers order the installation of high performance network technology or decide to use the existing infrastructure at the venue - come2present keeps the volume of data in the network to a minimum.

Enormous flexibility and innovative extension tools
An ideally structured and, above all, reliable instrument still needs to be able to offer customers a high degree of flexibility. come2present can quickly deal with modifications in presentations and changes in the room plan without affecting the live proceedings.

Further tools - a system for limiting speaking time, e-poster solutions, recordings for webcasts or for documentation - are implemented as an interface and can be added as modules. All user interfaces are designed to comply with the client's CI stipulations. Control of room signage systems is offered as a further additional function.

N&M doesn't only work with come2present in congress buildings; this scalable system makes an ideal addition to any location - at large congresses with numerous speakers and a complex room structure as well as at smaller conferences that demand high standards.