"The boards that mean the world"

That was the view once stated by Schiller, although he was thinking more about the performance on the stage rather than its construction. Specialising as we do in event technology, our priorities are naturally somewhat different. Whether a stage or grandstand, classical concert, open-air production or conference at a special location: every stage has its own particular characteristics that need to be considered. We will work with you to plan and realise the stage that means the world to you.

N&M has

  • Variable ground support stages that guarantee fast and simple construction
  • Revolving stages for quick changes of scenery
  • Semi-circular roofed stages with an eye-catching design
  • Tailored grandstands with shell seats or upholstered chairs, also available with roof upon request
  • Professional stage platforms and stage lifts
  • PA and FOH towers, platforms and camera rails
  • Stage aprons, catwalks, catering tents or press tents
  • Planning and construction of the entire backstage area is provided upon request
  • And the conceptual planning and design of the stage decoration or of complete thematic concepts in line with your company's corporate identity

And in terms of event technology, that is indeed a whole world.

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