Deutsche Sporthilfe

Giving athletes a helping hand

N&M supports grassroots, disabled and top-level sport. By means of direct contributions - such as those to the Nordic Paralympic Ski Team - we donate funding to create the best conditions for athletes to achieve top performances. We do this because we are convinced that sport in clubs, fair competitions and non-profit involvement need strong outside partners.

However, top athletes in particular need individual support as well. The "Deutsche Sporthilfe" helps fund German athletes and has set itself the task of enabling “Dual Careers”. The idea is to enable young people to continue with their school education or vocational training while also enjoying success in top-level sport. Since back in 1967, the “Sporthilfe” has been developing effective and up-to-date support concepts to accompany athletes beyond the end of their active career. With the donation campaign “Your name for Germany”, N&M employees supported sportsmen and -women with a personal, financial contribution to give athletes the best possible chance of achieving success in modern top-level sport and at international competitions.

Furthermore, we have also joined the initiative “Sprungbrett Zukunft - Sport & Karriere” (Springboard to the future – sport and career). N&M offers top sportsmen and -women internships and job training in a wide range of areas within the company, thus ensuring that their current sporting career and future professional career go hand in hand.