Panoramic Cinema, Autostadt in Wolfsburg

Client: Autostadt in Wolfsburg
Commissioned by: Autostadt in Wolfsburg
Planning Office: Ingenieurbüro FachWerk
Project period: Since March 2015
Location: GroupForum
Services:Audio, Video, <link>Lighting, Content Production
Project Manager: Lukas Held
Branch Office:Stuttgart
Special Features:
  • execution of a specially developed media technology concept encompassing an 8K LED wall and a 3D sound system
  • coordination of all technical services

"Autoland D" is the title of four fictional stories illustrating the love Germans heap upon their cars. The films were especially recorded and filmed for the redesigned panoramic cinema at Autostadt in Wolfsburg. A curved 8K LED wall for showing the short films was designed as the centrepiece of the cinema; it allows the audience a 120-degree panoramic view, thus opening up a brand new visual experience. In an area measuring 21 metres in width and 4 metres in height, 15 million pixels (pixel pitch: 2.4 mm) have been vertically and horizontally optimised up to a viewing angle of 145 degrees. This covers around two thirds of our maximum field of view. The LED wall also provides interfaces for additional AV technology, which means that external light, sound and video control systems can also be linked up. Our brief included setting up and programming the playing of the content.

We bore overall responsibility for execution of the project and coordination of the various technical services, including a sound system based on wave field synthesis. Using almost 100 loudspeakers, we created a three-dimensional sound that can be experienced from any point in the 360-square-metre auditorium. The audio equipment was installed in the walls and is practically invisible: special, precisely adjusted and acoustically neutral panels conceal all of the loudspeakers.

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