Big Rösti Winter World

“Big Rösti” Winter World, Ludwigburg

Client: McDonald’s Promotion GmbH & Co KG
Commissioned by:Milla & Partner GmbH
Date: 5th to 10th December 2023
Location: Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg
Services:Video, Audio, Lighting, Event-IT
Project Managers: Joachim Schlaiß, Daniel Seeger
Teams:N&M Berlin; Digital Media
Special features:
  • 6K Domemaster dome projection in 360° x 195°
  • seven 4K projectors with auto alignment system
  • redundant media servers

The "Big Rösti Winter World" in the inner courtyard of the Ludwigsburg Baroque Palace was an immersive, media-staged experience for which our technical realization happened in close coordination with our client. The central component was a spherical air dome, which was designed as a giant snowball and formed the backdrop for an impressive advertising spot as part of the "Big Rösti" campaign.

In this oversized snowball, visitors could immerse themselves in a fascinating winter world of snow-covered mountains. From sunrise to the northern lights at night, a 360-degree dome projection, designed as an eight-minute show, simulated a perfect winter's day. 

The technical set-up was a combination of sophisticated planning and state-of-the-art execution. Comprehensive 3D planning coordinated the installations and positioning of the projectors and spotlights. Our Digital Media team monitored the smooth running of the show using redundant media servers. An auto-alignment system automatically calibrated the projection, ensuring that softedge areas and colours were automatically matched. An interactive application on 15 iPads invited the audience to start the show and bring the projection to life.

The close collaboration of all trades enabled the perfect realisation of the concept and technical set-up for this unforgettable event.


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